Having recently been appointed to do a golf course review of Foster Tuncurry. A masterpiece designed originally by Michael Cooper and Kel Nagle therefore it will be minor updates to this already great golf course. Course review plan has been completed and many changes have been implemented over the past couple of years. Enlargement of 4 greens. 3rd, 7th, 11th and practice putting green. Greenside bunkers added on 1st & 4th holes. Two bunkers added on18th hole. Fairway bunker to be constructed August 2021. All tees now have distinctive tee zones. Golf course superintendent Mark Spraggs and his team are doing a wonderful job on the course to what is already one of the best courses in the country.
Major events being played at Foster Tuncurry Golf Club over the next few years. 2022 N.S.W. Ladies Open 2022 N.S.W. Senior Amateur Championships. What a great opportunity to showcase the golf course to everyone.
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3rd hole with enlarged green and selected pine removal giving better access into the green.